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The History of the

Berwyn Primary School Building

To accommodate the growing population, the Township built Easttown High School. When it became apparent that the existing Berwyn Grammar School building was not large enough, the Township, in 1912, built a new school, The Berwyn Primary School, located on Lancaster Avenue.*

After becoming vacant in the 1920s, the Tredyffrin School Board rented out the building in 1932 and renamed the school, Lincoln Highway School. The Lincoln Highway School ceased operations in 1939.*

During the late '80's, the building was renovated into the building that stands today. Many of the original architectural features were preserved during this process, including the pediment entranceway and the cement block indicating the year of construction.

Photo c/o of the Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society.

Today, the Berwyn Primary School, now renamed the Berwyn Primary Offices, stands in its original construction location. The front area which had housed a yard is now Berwyn Primary Shops, a strip center containing local businesses.   

* Information c/o of the Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society.

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